Friends, we need to shut down Ariel Stream for now.

I know this is sudden, but perhaps you've heard of some huge royalty rate increases only affecting small internet broadcasters? Well, that takes place January 1st at midnight. Beyond that, every single note we play, would start a flood of expensive charges that's going to do serious damage to internet streaming resources like Ariel Stream.

And so, we urge you to keep checking back here, so I can let you know when - or if - we can begin flowing again. It's been a pleasure sharing this unique music with you, and I hope the powers that be haven't dammed us up for good.



Language Advisory:

This station occasionally airs songs with a word or two some parents
might not want their kids to hear; but then, so does life. 
It only happens
1-3 times a day.  Thanks for your trust - we won't abuse it.